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Company No. 7

The walls of the firehouse at Company 7's are adorned with dozens of pictures spanning close to 100 years. Engine 7 was originally initiated in partnership with Stockton's Sperry Flour Company. The first firehouse on Main Street even flaunted Sperry's motto- "In Every Home" six feet tall on the front of the building (1919 to 1945). Disbanded during World War 2, Engine 7 was in and out of service until being formally reestablished in June of 1964, at 7826 Amber Way. The Company formally moved again to its current house at 1767 West Hammer Lane in June of 1974. 

Truck 7 was established in 2004 as a second Truck Company in the North Battalion. After Truck 4 was closed in 2011 due to municipal bankruptcy; Truck 7 was moved in 2015 to Company 4 and redesignated Truck 4- making Company 7 once again a single Engine Company House.

The photos span the history of the Company, showcasing various crews and the fire department. Engine 7 proudly serves the north side of the City of Stockton; responding to 4,082 emergencies in 2016.

Most photos are from various sources- some photographers may include C. Martin, R.A. Cowan, and K Katsuyoshi. Many apologies for the 'snapshot' appearance and lighting glare.

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Stockton Firefighters
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